All You Need To Know About Fucoidan!

We all have heard about the word fucoidan or seaweed extract, but what exactly is this? Here’s a summary of everything that you need to know about fucoidan. Fucoidan comes from multiple sources, including bladderwrack as well as echinoderms and brown algae. Fucoidan is known for its anti-cancer properties. Recent researches have revealed fucoidan as a remedy for various health issues. Although the advantages of fucoidan are not yet backed up by robust evidence, it’s possible that fucoidan may serve to be a powerful agent in dealing with multiple diseases in the coming years.

Mechanism of Action of Fucoidan:

Fucoidan cuts off the excretion of enzymes, including MMP-1, MMP-3, and MMP-9. One of the significant functions of fucoidan is the decrease in the transcription factor AP-1 and the release of natural killer cells. It inactivates NF-kB, resulting in the destruction of the T-cell leukemia virus type 1.

Advantages of Fucoidan:

Fucoidan has a list of advantages. Some of these are:


One of the main advantages of fucoidan is the anticancer properties of fucoidan. When given in mic having colon tumors, fucoidan lowered the growth of the tumor. It also accelerated the release of the immune cells in the spleen. Fucoidan extract remained essential in destroying multiple cancer cells, including breast cancer, stomach cancer, leukemia, and thyroid cancer.

However, these researches were only performed on cells, and there isn’t enough evidence about the benefits of fucoidan.


Fucoidan has been shown to decrease the presence of cells that targets rheumatoid arthritis. In another study, fucoidan supplements were given to people having osteoarthritis for three months. This resulted in a reduction in the symptoms of arthritis.

Viral Diseases:

Fucoidan was given to elderly individuals, which resulted in the rise in the immune response towards the seasonal influenza vaccination. However, more evidence is required to confirm the results of fucoidan.

Blood Clots:

Fucoidan proves beneficial in preventing blood clots by obstructing the final stage required for the coagulation process. However, more clinical trials are necessary to confirm the use of fucoidan to prevent blood clots.

Side Effects:

The lack of clinical trials decreases the number of side effects known. However, multiple types of research have reported no side effects of fucoidan. Yellowing of skin may occur as a result of uncontrolled intake of fucoidan.


The majority of the studies were performed on animals or cells. There isn’t enough evidence for researches conducted on humans. So, further trials are required to confirm the benefits of fucoidan.

Drug Interactions of Fucoidan:

Drug interactions with fucoidan may prove to be hazardous. It’s better to ask your doctor before using fucoidan. Always inform your doctor about the current medications or supplements that you are taking.

Daily Dose of Fucoidan:

The recommended daily dose of fucoidan is from 100-4000 mg two times a day. Although, it’s better to discuss with your doctor for consuming any medication.

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