What Do You Know About Fucoxanthin & Its Potential Health Benefits?

Fucoxanthin is itself a marine carotenoid which naturally exists abundantly in brown seaweeds such as wakame as well as in some other marine sources. Brown seaweeds are loaded with rich essential nutrients and compounds that are healthy for human health. It contains fucoidan and fucoxanthin in high concentration that are extracted from it and then used for several health benefiting concerns like dietary supplements. It helps in aiding and preventing chronic diseases like cancer, obesity, diabetes mellitus, and liver, etc. Moreover, fucoxanthin being a pigment is also responsible for the color of brown seaweeds. 

Below, you will see further detailed information on the health benefits of fucoxanthin.

Antioxidant Properties:

Fucoxanthin is a great antioxidant compound that claims to combat particular health issues obesity, heart diseases, diabetes, and inflammation, etc. A diet or a dietary supplement that is high in antioxidants may reduce the risk of developing chronic diseases like cancer and heart diseases. It acts like a line of defense to protect your body against free radicals that cause oxidative stress in your body resulting in damaging structures inside brain cells as well as cause cell death leading to Parkinson's disease.

Besides being antioxidant, Fucoxanthin contains features like showing anticancer, radio-protective, antioxidant, inflammatory, and anti-obesity. 

Weight Loss & Other Metabolic Issues:

Several animal studies have shown evidence that fucoxanthin possess features like preventing the growth of fat tissue and reducing abdominal fat. It has effective natural compounds for the prevention and reduction of obesity in it. 

One study in 2009 tested and reviewed 16 women to see the effects of Fucoxanthin in aspects of weight loss. The results significantly shows that the combination of pomegranate seed oil and Fucoxanthin reduced the body weight and liver fat in those obese women.

Moreover, Fucoxanthin possesses properties like correcting abnormalities in glucose metabolism in muscle tissue, reducing cholesterol, and blood pressure.

A science direct study demonstrates that Fucoxanthin is effective for people who deal with obesity and other metabolic disorders.

People around the world take fucoxanthin medications and dietary supplementation to lose weight and stabilize their overall health. It is considered safe to use by all people including all men and women, including adults and teenagers. In a research in 2015, the study reviewed the structural properties that affect the stability of fucoxanthin and found that it can be developed into marine drugs and nutritional products safely.

Hypertension & Other Neural Positive Properties:

There are minor evidences that says that Fucoxanthin has a positive effect on hypertension as well as on several cerebrovascular diseases. Studies claim that Fucoxanthin from Undaria pinnatifida is able to reduce and prevent the development of hypertension and its likely related diseases spontaneously in hypertensive rats.

Moreover, some researchers found that Fucoxanthin isolated from Wakame brown seaweed may possess a preventive effect on ischaemic cultured neuronal cell death. Although there needs to be more research done in this department to clarify all the potential neural protective properties that fucoxanthin contains. 


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