Which Fucoidan Is The Best, And Where Can You Find It?

Fucoidan, a polysaccharide extracted from brown algae, is a complex compound and has its own unique chemical structure. However, being nontoxic and FDA-approved, there are plenty of types of fucoidan found in markets today. Some of them have high levels of fucoidan, and others have comparatively high levels. But how can one conclude which one is the best?

To know that, we have to understand how fucoidan is derived? Below, you’ll find all the answers to these questions. 

Fucoidan is derived from different types of brown seaweeds. It occurs in the cell walls of the seaweed plants serving protection from external stressors. These protective barriers are found to be likely protective when consumed by humans. It serves numerous health benefits like being antidiabetic, antioxidant, anti-obesity, delivering strengthening the immune system, preventing blood clotting, helping to terminate and prevent the growth of cancer cells, etc.

Several studies reveal that the structure composition and features of fucoidan depend on the type of brown seaweed it is derived from. There are plenty of ways and steps by which fucoidan gets ready to be eaten, hot acid extraction, chitosan extraction, alkali extraction, etc. It is finally prepared in different forms like fucoidan powder, fucoidan capsules, fucoidan power drinks, and fucoidan extract

Why Is Fucoidan Expensive?

Some say that they find fucoidan expensive; the reason behind it being expensive is because only a small amount of fucoidan is extracted from seaweed, i.e., 1killogram seaweed extracts only 1 gram of fucoidan. The expensive ones are made from expensive and the best seaweeds like Mozuku along with a higher percentage of fucoidan being present in their product. Higher purity often comes with a higher price. 

Which One Is The Best?

Sea Fucoidan - Premium Seaweed Extract, Sea Fucoidan DX - Premium Seaweed Extract, and Akamoku Natural Fucoidan Extract are the best ones you can find online. These products are finely extracted from natural Mozuku seaweed (the highest fucoidan concentration seaweed) and contain no additional preservatives. The extraction methods used to make these ensures that no iodine and arsenic particles get left behind from being filtered. Everything is supervised and hand-checked by a professional quality checker team. 

Research has proven that intaking Mozuku seaweed fucoidan has no abnormalities in abdominal, fecal states, blood as well as in urine. As a matter of fact, the 20 subjects who consumed fucoidan showed a reduction in total cholesterol and low-density lipoprotein cholesterol.

Other studies also show signs that Fucoidan from Mozuku may be useful for cancer therapy.

Where Can We Find It?

Solving this exclusive issue of where to find the best fucoidan, fucoxanthin has all the products that you need for fucoidan. The best quality and quantity of fucoidan are added to all of the products to ensure the premium expected optimal results.