Why Our Premium Seaweed Extract Is The Best Among All?

Seaweed consumption has been widely popular in Asian countries. Recently, seaweed has been gaining popularity in Western culture too. It is used as a healthy addition to meals. Some of the major health benefits of seaweed are as follows:

Health Benefits of Seaweed:

Apart from being a delicious addition to the food, it is also packed with nutrients to boost your overall health and protect you from various diseases. Some of these are as follows:

1. Excellent Source of Iodine:

Seaweed is packed with iodine. Iodine helps in maintaining thyroid health. The thyroid can only be taken from food or supplements as it is not produced in the body. You may risk developing goiter (enlarged thyroid gland) if your thyroid level is insufficient.

2. Maintaining Gut Health:

The sugars present in the seaweed help grow good bacteria and increase the number of short-term fatty acids, thus keeping the gut lining healthy.

3. Cardiovascular Health:

Seaweed reduces your blood pressure and bad cholesterol. Although more research is still needed, the benefits are quite promising.

4. Skin Health:

Fucoxanthin is shown to provide benefits in protecting the skin from sun damage and harmful UV radiation. Studies showed that it protects the skin against aging and sunburn when applied directly to the skin.

5. Prevention against Bone Diseases:

Seaweed extract prevents bone loss by stopping the development of cells that break down the bone. Thus, it might help prevent bone loss and bone diseases.

6. Regulates Blood Sugar:

Seaweed extract helps control blood sugar levels. When studied on mice, it improved insulin sensitivity.

How Do We Source Our Products?

We at world peace Inc. source our products from the Pacific Ocean. The seaweed we use is hand-harvested. We have been perfecting our extraction process for the last 20 years. Within these years, not only has the quality of the seaweed extract significantly improved, but there is an increased purity in the seaweed that we make.

Extraction Process:

We use unique solvent-free technology for the extraction, which Horiuchi uses. It produces the extract free of unwanted chemicals and residues. Our extraction process meets the quality standards and requirements of the World Health Organization.

Environmental Friendly Production Process:

We believe in a clean and environmentally friendly production process, which is why our fucoidan is one of the highest quality seaweed extracts with no additional chemicals, fillers, or additives.

How to Order?

Here at World Peace Inc., we have a wide variety of products, including the fucoidan jelly sticks, which have no sugar or preservatives and are completely gluten-free. Apart from this, our seaweed extract is also available in beverages. Our amino fucoidan is best recommended for people with the weak body because it has a low molecular weight liquid. This seaweed extract is also available in capsules and the premium seaweed extract bottle. You can easily place your order by clicking the link mentioned here.