Fucoidan, its Usage, and Daily Recommended Dose

You might have heard about this amazing seaweed ingredient called fucoidan, but have you heard about the required dose and proper usage of fucoidan extract? No, right?

Well, let’s learn more about the exact daily dose and usage of this seaweed extract to make the most out of it.

But first, what exactly is fucoidan?

Fucoidan, its Usage, and Daily Recommended Dose:

Fucoidan is extracted from the species of brown algae. It gives the slime texture to the brown algae. Fucoidan is a high-molecular polysaccharide. The main constituent of these polysaccharides is fructose. Recently, fucoidan has gained popularity due to its anti-tumor, anti-coagulant, and anti-oxidant properties.

Fucoidan and Its Harvesting:

Another important point to mention is that the structure of fucoidan is highly dependent on the harvest time. Harvesting during different seasons results in distinct characteristics of fucoidan. Moreover, the purification techniques also play an important role in maintaining the structure of fucoidan. In a report, it was mentioned that the same species formed two different fucoidan structures. This means that the purification method is one of the main factors in determining the structure and the bioactivities of fucoidan.

Benefits of Fucoidan:

Now that you’re aware of what fucoidan actually is let’s learn about the benefits that this extract has on your health and in treating various diseases.


Fucoidan is shown to have anti-cancer and anti-tumor effects. In a study among colorectal cancer patients, fucoidan increased the disease control rate by 92%. Some other studies conducted on animals also resulted in lower growth of the tumor. However, more research is needed to make fucoidan completely safe as an anti-tumor therapy.

Improves Immune System:

Fucoidan has benefits in promoting the immune system response to the influenza vaccine. This makes it helpful in fighting the flu. Some other studies also claimed that fucoidan prevents herpes from entering the cells, thus preventing HIV infection.

Bone Health:

Fucoidan is believed to be excellent in reducing the symptoms of osteoarthritis. A cell-based study conducted that fucoidan interferes with the invasiveness of cells that cause rheumatoid arthritis, i.e., by reducing their survival and viability.

In another study with 12 people suffering from osteoarthritis, supplementation of fucoidan for three months resulted in an 18% decrease in the symptoms of arthritis.

The Recommended Amount of Fucoidan:

The daily dose of fucoidan varies from one person to another. However, it is recommended to consume 30-60 ml of ultra-low molecular weight fucoidan per day to maintain good health.

How To Use Fucoidan:

Fucoidan is advised to be taken empty stomach when you wake up. If consumed before meals, this ultra-low molecular weight fucoidan can attach to the gastric mucosa. The goal is to keep it as exposed to the gastric mucosa as possible.

The Final Takeaway:

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