How Fucoidan Aids In Improving Overall Health?

When it comes to refining your health, you always explore products that can help you tackle multiple problems at one time.

Fucoidan has got you covered!

Fucoidan embraces the power to upkeep the immune system and joint mobility, fights free radicals, upsurge energy and stem cell mobilization, shields skin, reduces oxidative stress, and demonstrates anti-inflammatory properties.

Recently, multiple researchers and scientists have gained interest in it due to its optimal perks. But, first, let us understand what Fucoidan is, where it is found? And how is it composed?

Fucoidan is a group of fucose-containing sulfated polysaccharides that are derived from brown algae (seaweeds). Brown seaweeds are a commonly found ingredient mainly in Asia. People eat it raw, cooked, powder form, supplements, and through multiple other ways. 

Fucoidan was first introduced in 1913, but at that time, researchers failed to recognize its complex structure. Later in 1970, the true properties and benefits were unveiled. Since then, it is being studied in different countries for its ingenious qualities. Moreover, it is completely safe to use, as it is nontoxic and approved by Food and Drug Administration (FDA). 


Evidence of Health Benefits: 

Fucoidan has shown a variety of health-benefiting biological functions. It has antitumor, antithrombosis, antioxidation, antivirus, anticoagulant, and immunomodulation properties.

Protection From Cancer:

One study[i] conducted in 2014 concludes that Fucoidan has optimal activity in exterminating and slowing the spread of colorectal and breast cancers. 

Moreover, multiple studies demonstrate that Fucoidan slows down tumor development[ii], destroys tumor cells, and synergizes[iii] with anticancer chemotherapy drugs in vitro, in vivo, and in clinical trials.

Cognitive Impairment:

This highly bioactive seaweed substance has shown ideal psychological activities in the brain. Research[iv] published in 2018 illustrates the neuropsychological evaluation, which indicates that seaweed (Fucoidan) may provide a protective mechanism against cognitive impairment associated with dementia.

Boosts Immunity:

Fucoidan is an absolute treasure for improving immunity. According to research[v], Fucoidan strongly promotes the activation of dendritic cells (DCs), natural killer (NK) cells, and T-cells. These cells act as the first line of defense against foreign viruses and bacteria. Meaning, Fucoidan will protect you from unwanted bacteria, viruses, the common cold, and many other diseases. 

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