The Benefits and Uses of Fucoxanthin Capsules

Brown seaweeds contain a compound mainly an antioxidant named fucoxanthin. Many researches have revealed that fucoxanthin is rich in biological and physiological properties. The majority of these properties can help fight and treat multiple chronic diseases, making fucoxanthin an excellent medicinal and nutritional ingredient.

Sources Of Fucoxanthin

Some of the natural sources from where fucoxanthin is extracted are as follows:

  • Brown Algae
  • Seaweeds
  • Microalgae

How Does It Work?

As mentioned earlier, fucoxanthin occurs naturally from brown algae such as Undaria pinnatifida and Hijikia fusiformis. When they enter the body and reach the gastrointestinal tract, fucoxanthin is metabolized to fucoxanthinol. This helps them absorb more in the intestines.

Fucoxanthin As A Safe Ingredient

Fucoxanthin is considered a safe pharmaceutical ingredient. Multiple researchers have shown that fucoidan does speed up your metabolism but that doesn’t affect the central nervous system at all. A number of researches were done to check toxicity levels of fucoxanthin. They found out that a 4-week toxicity check on rats didn’t affect them in any way, thus having no possible adverse effects.


Health Benefits Of Fucoxanthin

Many pieces of research show that fucoxanthin provides multiple health benefits such as weight loss, reducing inflammation, promoting proper and healthy functioning of the liver, brain, bones, and skin. Fucoxanthin is also linked with increased production of docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) that has been shown to provide benefits related to a wide range of health problems, including arthritis, depression, heart diseases. However, many of these studies are limited to animal and cell-based evidence, having no report on effects on humans. Therefore, it’s better to consult a doctor before using supplements. Some of the major health benefits of using fucoxanthin capsules are as follows:

1.     Skin Health

Fucoxanthin is shown to provide benefits in protecting the skin against sunburn and harmful radiation from the sun. In research conducted on mice, fucoxanthin protected the skin against aging and sunburn when applied directly to the skin.

2.    Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Fucoxanthin has been proven effective against inflammation linked with insulin resistance in research on mice and rats.

3.    Diabetes

Fucoxanthin helps regulate blood sugar levels and helps in the management of diabetes. In a study conducted on mice, the use of fucoxanthin improved insulin sensitivity in mice.

4.    Prevention Against Bone Diseases

Fucoxanthin is shown to prevent bone loss in mice by blocking the development of cells that breaks down the bone. Thus, it might help prevent bone loss and bone diseases.

5.    Maintains Blood Pressure

Fucoxanthin helps prevent cardiovascular diseases by maintaining blood pressure, blood cholesterol levels, and obesity. This makes it excellent for reducing the risk of heart diseases.

6.    Weight Loss

Fucoxanthin is excellent for weight loss when combined with fish oil. In a clinical trial on women with normal liver fat, fucoxanthin increased weight loss and reduced body fat percentage.

Weight Loss

Another clinical trial on mice also showed that fucoxanthin, when combined with fish oil, resulted in weight loss in obese mice. However, further research is necessary to prove that fucoxanthin is associated with weight loss.

7.    Depression

A survey showed that more than 1500 pregnant women reported a decrease in depression when they were consuming seaweed. However, a single study isn’t enough to prove fucoxanthin as an anti-depressive medicine.

Fucoxanthin Capsules

Fucoxanthin capsuled are extracted from organic algae that are free from any pollution and are grown in crystal clear waters. Fucoxanthin is extracted from seaweeds by low molecular weight technology ensuring high levels of purity. Get yourself fucoxanthin capsules by clicking the link.