About worldpeace Inc. Fucoidan

What is Fucoidan?

worldpeace Inc. 's ultra-low molecular weight Fucoidan is made from natural Mozuku seaweed and contains no preservatives. It is sourced directly from the coral reefs of the Kingdom of Tonga in the South Pacific.

Our rigorous extraction process ensures any Iodine and arsenic contained in seaweed is filtered and removed. All Mozuku is checked by hand by our dedicated health team.

This ensures overdosing on our worldpeace Inc. Fucoidan products is not possible. worldpeace Inc. Fucoidan is safely consumable for children, elderly, physically weak individuals, pregnant women and pets.

What is ultra-low molecular weight?

worldpeace Inc. ultra-low molecular weight Fucoidan is created through a special process using patented technology. This unique process maintains more than 13% of its sulfuric acid group and is extremely high purity.

Fucoidan is naturally a high molecular weight polymer, which results in a low absorption rate when digested. Over 50% of the polymer in Fucoidan products that are not low molecular weight is excreted without being absorbed.

Our technology adjusts the molecular weight of Fucoidan to 500 or less which is proven to increase absorption rates into the body by up to 70%.

For this reason, worldpeace Inc.'s ultra-low molecular weight Fucoidan has been used and loved thousands since the product was first introduced in 1998.

Is World Peace Co. Fucoidan created using raw materials?

worldpeace Inc.'s ultra-low molecular weight Fucoidan is a hand-picked Mozuku (algae) from Tonga, an remote island in the  Pacific Ocean which is rich in Fucoidan, Fucose, and Fucoxanthin. It is collected carefully and peacefully by trained, certified divers to ensure the local habitat is not disturbed.

Tongan Mozuku is regarded as the highest quality Fucoidan in the world. It contains 5 times the amount of Fucoidan compared to wakame seaweed and kelp. It also contains two to three times more Fucoidan than Okinawa Mozuku, which is famous for its high Fucoidan content.

Are preservatives added to worldpeace Inc. Fucoidan products?

Our Mozuku extract Fucoidan is preservative-free.

All Iodine and arsenic contained in seaweed is efficiently removed by our rigorous extraction process. This ensures our products are accessible to individuals with an iodine restricted diet.

Is Fucoidan recommended by Doctors?

Fucoidan is recommended by Doctors across the world due to its numerous health benefits confirmed by hundreds of medical studies.

These include but are not limited to:

- Antidiabetic effects

- Antioxidant effects

- Anti-obesity effects

- Boosted Immunity

- Induces Tumour cell apoptosis

- Lowered blood pressure and serum triglyceride

- Protection of mucous membranes through reduction of Helicobacter pylori

- Growth suppression and apoptotic effect on cancer cells.

More information on Fucoidan from medical journal reports can be found here.

Does worldpeace Inc.'s Fucoidan have any side effects?

worldpeace Inc.'s Fucoidan is a natural botanical ingredient from Mozuku. It is not made chemically and is a naturally occurring substance. worldpeace Inc. has been producing ultra-low molecular weight Fucoidan since 1998, and there has been no reported incidents of side effects in this time.

How much should I drink worldpeace Inc.'s ultra-low molecular Fucoidan a day?

The recommended amount in a day varies from person to person. The basic guideline for maintaining good health is 30 to 60 ml per day.

When should I take worldpeace Inc.'s ultra-low molecular weight Fucoidan?

It is recommended to take it on an empty stomach immediately after waking up or prior to meals so that the worldpeace Inc.'s ultra-low molecular weight Fucoidan can easily attach to the gastric mucosa.
For those who drink a large amount (300 ml to 500 ml a day), it is recommended to drink in regular intervals to ensure it is exposed to the gastric mucosa as often as possible.

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