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Best & Long Seller Fucoidan Beverage - Amino Fucoidan - 1800ml
Best & Long Seller Fucoidan Beverage - Amino Fucoidan - 1800ml
Best & Long Seller Fucoidan Beverage - Amino Fucoidan - 1800ml

Best & Long Seller Fucoidan Beverage - Amino Fucoidan - 1800ml

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worldpeace Japan

- Amino Fucoidan -

worldpeace Japan - Amino Fucoidan - Beverage 1,800ml

Super Low Molecular Fucoidan Beverage 1800ml


worldpeace inc. recommends "AMINO FUCOIDAN" which is made from TONGA MOZUKU and OKINAWA MOZUKU made in southern part of Japan.

Since AMINO FUCOIDAN is super low molecular weight liquid type fucoidan, any aged people or person whose body has weakened can be taken it very easy and Fucoidan penetrates deep into body.

※ High molecular weight fucoidan 1,000,000 - 2,000,000

  Low molecular weight fucoidan 5,000 - 1,000,000

  Less than 5,000 called super low molecular such as our AMINO FUCOIDAN

Nowadays, there are a lot of Fucoidan products in the world and we have been frequently asked " I don't know which fucoidan product I should buy." by our customers.


We started studying and selling Fucoidan since 1998 and have been hearing and learning from our customers who had been taking Fucoidan for a long time and we has arrived at this conclusion.

Fucoidan is a high molecular weight under nomal conditions and we think it's still good to take high molecular weight fucoidan when you are fine conditions, however if you have serious disease or not good conditions, we highly recommend super low molecular weight Fucoidan in order to penetrate Fucoidan into your throughout the body.

 The taste of AMINO FUCOIDAN, everybody says it's exactly like MOZUKU ( brown algae.)

The color of Fucoidan is brown, and it's not tasty, however put Fucoidan in the refrigerator and cool it, much easier to drink.

We tried our children to drink AMINO FUCOIDAN and they drunk it with no problem.

But if you don't like taste of MOZUKU (brown algae), you probably can't stand the smell or the taste.

In that case, we recommend SEAFUCOIDAN DX Capsules, which is also super low molecular wight Fucoidan, not liquid but tablet type.

 We ship AMINO FUCOIDAN from Fukuoka Japan in cardboard box and we assume it takes 2 to 3 days to deliver within Japan, takes 7 to 10 days to overseas, if normal shipping conditions.

 "AMINO FUCOIDAN" is the most popular and best seller liquid type Fucoidan throughout 20 years.

 There are two types of AMINO FUCOIDAN, Sugarless and Honey added.

 Most of our customer prefer Sugarless one, because of quantity they drink Fucoidan. They drink Fucoidan 240ml - 400ml per a day. So if it tastes too sweet and they think not good to take too much sugar.

 As mentioned before, AMINO FUCOIDAN tastes exactly MOZUKU ( brown algae). If you don't like seaweed, we recommend to cool Fucoidan in the refrigerator or using straw to drink. You also have choice to take tablet Fucoidan.

 Recommended daily intake.

Take Fucoidan between meals, when your stomach is empty.

Maintain your health
30ml to 60ml a day
Lifestyle diseases
240ml a day
Lifestyle diseases
320ml a day
Lifestyle diseases
400ml a day


AMINO FUCOIDAN is not a medicine, it is Ultra Low Molecular Weight Natural Mozuku beverage. There is no limitation of quantity.

The average of our customer drinking quantity is 360ml a day, however there are a few customers who drink more than 600ml a day. So we recommend that at first 3 months, drink Fucoidan as much as possible, then after that, you can control and change dosage by your condition.


MOZUKU extract
Honey ( only honey-added type )
Vitamin C
Citric Acid
Vitamin B6
Vitamin B1
Vitamin B2


Nutrition Facts : Serving size 100g

Sugarless type Honey added type
Calories 4kcal 17kcal
Carbohydrate 0.5g 4.1g
Total fat 0.1g 0.1g
Potassium 9.9mg 9.9mg
Vitamin B1 1mg 1mg
Dietary Fiber 0.5g 0.5g
Vitamin B6 1mg 1mg
0.1g 0.1g
Vitamin C 200mg 200mg
Sodium 23mg 23mg
Magnesium 7.8mg 7.8mg
Ash content
0.2g  0.2g 
Calcium 9.7mg 9.7mg
Vitamin B2 2mg 2mg


Other Nutrition Facts :
Serving size 1800ml

Fucidan 19620ml
Fucose 15480mg
Sulfate group 4230g
Fucoxanthin 7.2mg

AMINO FUCOIDAN is not contained Iodine and Arsenicum.

Preservation method

Avoid direct sunlight, hight temperature

Keep in the refrigerator once open

Expiry date

Unopened : 2 years

Expiry date is stamped on the back label of bottle





worldpeace Inc. Fucoidan

Genuine, Authentic, Highest Quality, Made in Japan Fucoidan Products company

 worldpeace inc. have been retailing Fucoidan since 1998. We, worldpeace Inc. introduces only the Highest Quality and Best Fucoidan products. Fucoidan has gained recognition in recent years, and the number of people who are drinking or taking it to maintain their health has increased considerably compared to the past. As a result, there are more Fucoidan products than before, and we are frequently asked that people do not know which Fucoidan product to choose for them.

At the beginning of our handling of Fucoidan in 1998, the name of Fucoidan was hardly known. Now we have not only Ultra-Low-Molecular-Weight Fucoidan products, which we have been handling for 20 years, but also High Molecular Fucoidan.

Recently, inquiries from overseas of fucoidan have increased, and worldpeace Inc. ships fucoidan products to various countries.

We'are really happy that now we are shipping our fucoidan to so many people in the world. However, please keep in mind that dummy sites and counterfeit goods have been on the market as much attention has been paid.

worldpeace Inc. tours the fucoidan factory and talks directly with the producers by ourselves to introduce you only good and safe fucoidan products.

If you have any questions or concerns about Fucoidan, you can always contact us. worldpeace Inc. makes every effort to introduce truly good products so that everyone can choose and drink Fucoidan with no worry.

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